B2B Case Studies:

Charter Bus Co. Sees a 300% Increase in Calls with Digital Direct!

A regional Charter Bus Service in the Great Lakes region struggled to fill its buses after its call volume dropped due to an ineffective Google Ads campaign.

Digital Direct optimized its Google Ads account and implemented CallRail to track calls and lead quality.


Increase in call volume


Increase in bookings

B2B case studies

By optimizing its ad schedule and monitoring call quality, Digital Direct reduced the number of abandoned calls from 40% to 15%.

Implementing CallRail was seamless, and the software integrates well with Google Ads. CallRail's monthly pricing is less than $100 per month to track, monitor, and record calls (if you choose to.)

We discovered that some of the calls did not convert because they did not connect with a live operator. By adjusting the ad schedule on Google we were able to reduce the number of calls that did not connect with a live operator.

The other exciting thing we learned was that some calls were for airport shuttle services or local bus routes. We made further adjustments to their Google Ads account to reduce significantly the number of these calls.

March 2023 call volume was just 25 total with 10 abandoned calls. By July call volume was up 300% with 100 calls.

CallRail - 300% increase in call volume

Conversion rates remained constant while cost per
conversion stayed @ $13 per lead.


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