B2B Case Studies:

LinkedIn Outperforms Google Ads for a Trustee Services Co.

LinkedIn was the way to go for a Trustee Services company that wanted to spread the word about its offerings to Estate Planners and Attorneys found LinkedIn was the way to go.

Digital Direct ran ad campaigns on each network and found that LinkedIn's superior targeting in the B2B space helped it outperform Google in terms of leads generated and cost per lead.


Increase in lead volume


Reduction in cost per lead

LinkedIn outperforms Google Ads

The company provides trustee services to estate planners that want to move their client's trusts to low-tax states like Delaware, Nevada, and Alaska.

This was their first time using paid media to promote their services and test campaigns were set up on Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads to see which would perform better.

  • The issue we encountered with Google Ads was the limited search volume. While the ads were adequate and could bring lead costs down to an acceptable level, there was not enough search volume around our keywords. We continue to run the campaign, but it is not the primary driver of new engagements.
  • We ran a white paper download campaign for LinkedIn to engage new prospects utilizing a LinkedIn lead form. The results were impressive, with LinkedIn generating twice as many leads at a lower cost per lead.
  • Feedback from our sales data indicates more new clients were generated from the LinkedIn campaign, even though the clients were initially engaged further up the marketing funnel.

Google Ads cost per lead of $122 was significantly higher than LinkedIn and lead volume was lower.

Google Ads results vs LinkedIn

We tested 3 different images and a clear winner quickly emerged with substantially higher click-through and conversion rates.

The B2B LinkedIn Ads campaign outperformed vs Google Ads

CTRs of over 1% and a conversion rate of 25% made this a successful campaign.


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