B2B Case Studies:

Business Loan Co. Sees a 73% Reduction in Cost Per Lead

A business loan company was having a difficult time generating leads cost-effectively through Google Ads.

Digital Direct optimized its Google Ads account by reducing their cost per click and doubling their conversion rates.


Increase in lead volume


Reduction in cost per lead

B2B cost per lead reduced 73%

The company was having a number of issues with its Google Ads campaign that was causing the cost per lead to be so high.

  • Poor keyword targeting meant too many clicks from poor-performing search terms.
  • Landing pages that weren't optimized for Goole Ads resulted in a low landing page experience and a poor ad rank.
  • Their online form had too many questions and was hurting conversions.

After Digital Direct was done optimizing the campaign:

  • Quality scores went from a max of 3 to 6,7,10
  • The cost per click reduced from $15.90 to $10.22
  • The Conversion rate went up from 5.57% to 7.71% on the non-branded campaign.
  • The cost per lead dropped from $389 per lead to $101 per lead.

April 2023 saw 19 leads generated at a cost of
$370.66 per lead. 

B2B cost per lead reduced by 270%

Conversion rates improved, and cost per click was reduced, which resulted in a dramatic reduction in the cost per lead.

B2B Google Ads conversion rates up and cost per lead is down

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