B2B Google Ads

B2B Google Ads for lead generation should be a part of every companies tool kit. Here's how to get the most out of them.

  1. 1. Google Ads B2B Set Up

  2. 2. Google Ads Common Mistakes

  3. 3. Google Ads B2B Keywords

  4. 4. Writing Google B2B Ads

  5. 5. B2B Landing Pages

  6. 6. Google Ads Optimization

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Google Ads B2B Set Up

Setting up an effective B2B Google Ads campaign is not easy and Google makes it harder still by continuing to recommend set up tactics that don't work for a lot of B2B lead generation campaigns. Google wants you to use broad match keywords with an automated bidding strategy. This technique will work if you have:

  • A decent amount of traffic to your keywords
  • At least 30 conversions per month
  • A big budget while Google spends your money

For higher costs per click and lower traffic volumes this set up strategy is a recipe for disaster. Learn how to set up your Google Ads campaign by clicking here.

Google Ads - don't use broad match

Google Ads Common Mistakes

These 9 common mistakes for Google Ads are the ones we see regularly when taking over new client accounts. These can impact click through rates, conversion rates, lead quality, and negatively impact your results. The top issues we run into start with improperly configured conversion tracking, lack of negative keywords and not running A/B testing on your ads and landing pages.

To avoid these common pitfalls visit our 9 Google Ads Mistakes page.

Cost per click for B2B lead generation can get expensive

Google CPCs can get expensive if you use automated bidding before you've generated any conversions.

Google Ads B2B Keywords

What keywords are your competitors using? Where should you engage your prospects in their buyer's journey and what keywords should you use? B2B Google Ads is all about search and search is all about finding the right keywords.

We like to start with a competitive analysis. What keywords and ads are your competitors using? A tool like SpyFu and give you a good idea of your competitors ad copy and keyword targets along with their ad history.

Click here to learn more about Google Ads keyword targeting.

Writing effective Google Ads

Our guide to responsive search ads best practices will help you increase your click throughs and conversions. Responsive search ads replaced Google's expanded ads a couple of years ago. The plain truth was that advertisers were not testing enough ad variations. Google fixed this by creating responsive search ads that included several headline and description variations in each ad. Google's machine learning will take it from there and test out the different ad combinations.

Lower search volumes and higher cost per click require a different approach to optimizing B2B responsive search ads.

To view our responsive search ads best practices click here.

B2B Google Ads Targeting

Proper targeting can impact your Google Ads search and display campaigns to it's important to get it right. You'll want to get these targeting steps down to improve your campaign performance.

  • Set up a retargeting audience
  • Determine your audience targeting and testing strategy
  • Be sure to exclude mobile apps from you display ads
  • Learn about recent changes to Google Ads targeting
  • How Google ads targeting hierarchy gives insights

To take your B2B Google Ads targeting to the next level, click here.

Best practices for Google Ads B2B targeting

Check out our guide to B2B Lead Generation Strategies: Click Here

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