B2B SEO for Lead Generation

B2B SEO, Where to start?

Chances are you've got some traffic coming to your website. So the first thing to do is a quick audit:

Go to Google Search Console and you can get a good idea of what search results your website is showing up on. The performance view displays the number of searches your website appeared in along with the click through rate. This example of a catering company we worked with shows a very high CTR. This is because most of the searches they appeared in were branded, meaning they were looking for that company.

Next, check out Google Analytics to get additional info on your visitors.

  • Which are your most viewed pages?
  • How do your visitors surf your site?
  • Are there patterns to how they view your content?
  • How much time do they spend on your site?

Google Analytics Behavior Flow gives you a bird's eye view of how visitors work their way through your website.

Google Search Console performance view

Google Search Console's Performance View:

Google Analytics Behavior Flow

Google Analytics Behavior Flow

B2B SEO Next Up: SEMrush

SEMrush is a great tool for analyzing site health and your B2B SEO performance. Under site overview you can check out your main organic competitors and get a competitive positioning map. These will give you an idea of how you're performing against your peers.

You can also compare up to 5 other domains against your website if your main competitors don't show up in these lists. No doubt many of your competitors will be way ahead of you in terms of SEO. Not to worry! B2B SEO is playing the "long game" but the results are worth it!


B2B lead generation - comptitive map from SEMrush

What's Happening with Your Current Traffic?

This is often overlooked and while there are some technical aspects of B2B SEO that I won't get into here, it is important to see if any of your current traffic is converting.

We recently worked with a client that had over 300 visits to their "Contact Us" page and 0 form fills. The page was boring, it jast had a title and a form. The question then becomes: Why? Why would I contact you?

The contact us page or an about page is often overlooked and yet, it can get a substantial number of visits. These pages should include links to content to engage the customer and hopefully has a newsletter sign up, if you have one.

Here's another angle. Once you've run your SEMrush report you'll want to go to the section that shows your top pages. This will give you a list of the top pages on your site for search results and an estimate of how much traffic these pages get each month. Most companies we work with have not run this report. Optimizing these already highly ranked pages, first for conversions and then to improve their SEO standing is a great place to start.

Top organic keywords - optimizing this page for B2B lead generation can do wonders
Contact Us page 293 visitors and not one conversion

B2B SEO - Contact Us page: 293 visitors and not one conversion

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