AI Ad Writer

AI Ad Writer for Google Introduced

An AI ad writer has been introduce by Google aimed at enhancing the performance of search ads.

One of the latest additions to Google Ads is the ability to create ad assets automatically using Google’s AI ad writer. Google’s objective is to ensure that the most suitable ad reaches the right audience at the right time, which is achievable through a variety of relevant creative assets. However, generating additional headlines and descriptions can be a daunting task.

To address this challenge, Google unveiled automatically created assets during the Google Marketing Live event last year. This AI Ad writer allows responsive search ads to display the most appropriate combinations of assets, including new assets created based on the ad’s unique context, such as the landing page.

Now, automatically generated assets are available as an open beta in English to all advertisers. Early adopters have seen a 2% increase in conversions at a similar cost per conversion for ad groups featuring responsive search ads.

2%! That’s it – I’ll be able to retire in a couple of years with that kind of improvement. Google’s automated features can be hit or miss, especially when it comes to B2B lead generation. There is already a keyword suggestion tool available and while not AI powered, more often that not it suggests keywords that won’t lead to additional conversions.

It will be interesting to see how Google’s AI ad writer works and whether it’s effective in improving results. Most copy writers have already been using ChatGPT to help with ad copy, I’m wondering how those results will compare to Google’s new AI copy writer.