Google My Business Video Verification

Verifying your business on Google My Business is essential for establishing trust and credibility with potential customers. By completing the verification process, you ensure that your business profile appears legitimate and reliable to online searchers. In some cases, video verification may be required to verify the authenticity of your business. This blog will explore the video verification process for Google My Business, its importance, and how to complete it successfully.

Understanding Google My Business Video Verification Methods

Before diving into video verification, it’s important to understand the different verification methods Google My Business offers. These verification methods are designed to confirm the existence and accuracy of business listings. Two common verification methods are instant verification and standard verification, such as postcard verification. Instant verification allows business owners to verify their listings immediately, while standard verification, like postcard verification, takes longer for confirmation. Google’s guidelines provide specific requirements for each method, and different businesses may be required to use different verification options depending on their circumstances and preferences.

Comparing Instant and Standard Verification Methods

Who wouldn’t prefer instant verification vs a video upload? Your best chance at getting the instant verification option is to set up and verify your business in Google’s Search Console first. In many cases, this will qualify you for instant verification. Click here to go to Search Console.

Diving in: Google My Business Video Verification

Video verification offers a unique way to validate businesses’ authenticity on Google My Business. This process entails creating a video showcasing your business’s various aspects, such as its location, signage, operations, marketing materials, cash register, recent updates, service area, and verification method. It also involves providing information like your business license and contact details.

Video verification aims to showcase business owners’ dedication to transparency and legitimacy by using this method to bolster the credibility and trustworthiness of Google My Business listings. Sometimes, this is the only method that will work for Google My Business verification. I recently had a client who could have qualified for phone verification, but the phone number they originally had on their GMB listing had been discontinued, so they had no means to verify other than video.

To initiate video verification, business owners must follow specific steps, including receiving a postcard with a verification code or participating in a video call. These measures help verify that the business is legitimate and located at the provided address.

Google my business video verification

Mastering the Google Business Profile Video Verification Process

Now that we understand the importance of Google my business video verification, let’s dive into the process of mastering Google’s video verification for your business profile.

Preparing Your Video for Google My Business Video Verification:

A Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the key steps to Google My Business Video Verification.

The video needs to include 3 elements.

  1. Video of the outside of your business to establish your location. You can include street signs, neighboring businesses and your own signage on the building if it that is an option.
  2. The next element is to show the address. This may be from the front of your building or a directory inside your building or office park.
  3. Finally, you’ll need interior scenes to establish your presence. Include equipment or doors being unlocked. Don’t include videos of people’s faces or sensitive information.

The video must be completed in one take. You cannot combine different video snippets to create your video so plan your scene sequence ahead of time.

    Key Elements to Showcase in Your Verification Video

    When creating your Google Business verification video, ensure that the business’s physical address and exterior are prominently featured. Showcasing the logo, signage, and interior reinforces legitimacy, while highlighting operating hours and service offerings enhances its effectiveness. Emphasize unique selling points and brand identity to add value, and include clear and identifiable business information to strengthen the video’s impact.

    Google my business video verification

    Showcasing Your Business’ Existence in the Verification Video

    In the verification video, ensure your business’s physical location is clearly visible. Use a well-lit area and ensure all relevant information, such as your business name and address, is clearly legible. Additionally, it’s important to showcase any branded elements or unique selling points that will help verify the authenticity of your business. Remember that this video will be reviewed by a real person, so ensure that you present your business professionally and accurately.

    Tips on Highlighting the Physical Aspects of Your Business

    When creating a video for Google My Business, it’s important to showcase your business signage, logo, and any marketing materials. Ensure that your business address, suite number, and office building are clearly visible. Demonstrate any unique physical features that set your business apart and highlight the exterior of your business location, including any distinctive landmarks. Display the business name prominently in the video recording to maximize visibility and impact.

    Demonstrating Business Activities in the Verification Video

    Emphasizing the authenticity, capture the business owner or employees engaged in daily operations and the use of specialized equipment. Showcase the service area business and highlight the service delivery process, displaying recent changes made to the business location. This emphasizes legitimacy and authenticity, ensuring a seamless verification process.

    Establishing Geographic Location in the Verification Video

    To effectively verify your Google My Business listing, the verification video must clearly display your geographic location. This location can be confirmed through various means like GPS coordinates, landmarks, or other visual cues. Additionally, ensure that your email address and mobile device are correctly linked to the Google Search Console for seamless verification. Make sure to capture all relevant info in the video and upload it through the GBP app for a smooth verification process.

    Proving Your Business Location: What Google Wants to See

    To meet Google’s requirements, your Google my Business video verification method must align with their guidelines. Clearly depict your business location to match the information on Google’s platform and Maps. Use a continuous video to provide a seamless view, confirming the legitimate presence of your business. Ensure compliance with Google’s standards and include relevant info like email address and mobile device.

    Avoiding Common Mistakes When Demonstrating Geographic Location

    When creating your video for Google My Business verification, it’s essential to ensure that the business address displayed matches the actual business location with no discrepancies. Be mindful of potential obstructions like glare or poor lighting that could hinder the verification process. Keep the focus on the business location and minimize any unnecessary background noise or distractions. Ensure that the business location remains clearly identifiable and unobscured throughout the entire video.

    Displaying User Integrity and Affiliation in the Verification Video

    In the Google My Business video verification, display user integrity and affiliation to enhance trust. Show the email address and mobile device for authentication. Utilize Google Search Console for verification info and demonstrate professionalism. Present clear and precise communication to build credibility. Emphasize authenticity and establish a professional image with GBP verification.

    Verifying Your Business as Real and Trustworthy

    Showcasing the business’s physical location and operations emphasizes its legitimate presence. Highlighting official licenses, certifications, or permits reinforces credibility, demonstrating a commitment to ethical practices. Additionally, participation in industry-related events or initiatives showcases adherence to industry standards and best practices. These elements collectively verify the business as genuine and trustworthy, enhancing its credibility in the eyes of potential customers.

    Demonstrating Your Affiliation with the Real Merchant

    To reinforce the business’s authenticity, it’s crucial to clearly depict the connection between the business location and the legitimate owner. Emphasizing the active involvement of the owner or manager in the video establishes their authority, reinforcing trustworthiness. The video should showcase the business’s genuine association with the brand, logo, and marketing materials, validating its affiliation with the registered business entity. This solidifies the business’s legitimacy, enhancing its standing on Google Search.

    Successfully Completing the Google My Business Video Verification Process

    Successfully Completing the Video Verification Process: After video verification, ensure all post-verification actions are completed. Understand the verification process, which includes postcard and instant verification. Comply with the guidelines and avoid common mistakes hindering verification. Verify your business location via video call verification method, adhering to Google’s requirements. Ensure a smooth process, aligning with Google’s verification standards.

    What Happens After Google My Business Video Verification?

    After video verification, you will understand the process through verification code, video call, or postcard. Ensure compliance with Google’s guidelines to validate the process. Complete post-verification steps like updating business info and marketing materials. Access your Google Business Profile manager to make necessary changes. Review your business profile for accuracy.


    In conclusion, video verification is a powerful tool for enhancing the authenticity and visibility of your Google Business profile. By showcasing key elements such as your business existence, physical aspects, and activities, you can establish a strong geographic location and display user integrity and affiliation. This not only helps build trust with potential customers but also improves your local search rankings. The process of video verification requires careful preparation and attention to detail, but the benefits are well worth the effort. After successfully completing the verification process, you can expect increased visibility, credibility, and opportunities for growth. Don’t miss out on the advantages video verification has to offer for your Google Business. Start the process today and take your online presence to new heights.

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