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John Hasenauer
Google Ads Search Certified - about digital direct
HubSpot digital marketing certified - B2B Lead Generation
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Thank you for learning about Digital Direct. I'm a paid media specialist with a strong sales background specializing in demand generation and growth hacking. I've helped hundreds of companies generate profitable results.


  • Online sales and marketing expert with 20+ years of experience.
  • Founded 2 different startups, which I bootstrapped from an idea to over $30 million in annual revenue and over $10 million in annual revenue. Both companies were in the Fintech space and were B2B2C.


  • Help companies improve their online marketing results through demand generation and sales optimization.


  • Review the company's current online marketing efforts and target the opportunities for improvement with the highest ROI.
  • Work with the company's sales leadership to improve lead quality and follow-up processes.
  • Work with the company's management to determine the best tech stack for maximum results at the lowest possible cost.

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