Why Should I be your PPC Specialist?

Because Your Google Rep Won't Optimize Your Ad Campaign

As a PPC Specialist, I've talked to at least 25 Google Ads or Meta Ads Reps, and maybe 1 or 2 knew what they were doing. They will help you spend more money but won't help you optimize your Ads, Landing Pages, or Call-To-Action. I have also received advice from Google Reps that was just plain wrong. 

Because that Junior PPC Manager Isn't Going to Set the World On Fire

Your PPC manager may be very competent. They can set up campaigns, track conversion, and manage budgets but need to gain the skills to turn an underperforming campaign around.

As a PPC Specialist, I work on Manage PPC Ads All Day, Everyday

If I can't optimize your PPC campaign, I won't take you on as a client. In addition to being a Google Ads specialist, I am also LinkedIn & HubSpot certified. Together, we'll find the right approach to growing your business.

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We'll talk about your campaign I'll offer some strategies and tactics to improve your results. I can't help you if you don't reach out.

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