Why Does Your Agency Need a Paid Media Strategist?

Because Your Account Managers Don't Know What They're Missing

You run ads, send them to a landing page, and... Nothing. You're Account Managers are great at understanding marketing funnels, Buyer Journeys, and the like. But, they've been out of the game too long and aren't aware of what tactics are working now.

Because that Junior PPC Manager Isn't Going to Set the World On Fire

Your PPC manager may be very competent. They can set up campaigns, track conversion, and manage budgets but need to gain the skills to turn an underperforming campaign around.

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Tell me about the last failed B2B campaign you ran or any other paid media issues you're having, and I'll offer some strategies and tactics to improve your results. So that you know, including your phone number is optional; we can start with an email.

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