Online Marketing

How to make it work

Obviously online marketing works. All you need for proof is the incredible growth of companies like and Google (among others) over the last 20 years to become a believer.  They've grown almost exclusively using online sales to generate new business. How can smaller companies compete? Easy - get local!

Google My Business listing

Set up your Google My Business listing

It starts with a Google My Business listing which is optimized to show up at the top of the search engine listings.

This is the easiest way to get your business to the front page of the search results on Google. Over 97% of consumers said the checked the internet for to compare before they buy. 

You either have an online strategy that generates new business or you're missing out on new customers!

Google is committed to highlighting local businesses and you should take advantage of this opportunity. It's free to get the listing. We can help you optimize your GMB listing so your company get's better visibility and connects with new clients.


Get more 4 & 5 star Online Reviews

It seems like everyone is doing online reviews now. Google, Yelp!, Bing, Facebook, Trust Pilot and other companies are all distributing reviews across the web. It can be hard to stay on top of the different places people are talking about your business. 

We've got the tools that can help you get those manage your online reputation all in one place. We can help you generate additional high quality reviews, monitor feedback from your customers and deal with negative reviews if you get one.

This review services are vital in building trust with your customers. When a potential client sees a good number of highly ranked independent reviews then you've taken a big step towards winning their business.

You can see from these sample Yelp! reviews that while all 3 companies have great reviews, one listing stands out with by far and away more reviews. They are also advertising on Yelp and have added a Request a Quote button to their listing. Who would you do business with?

Who would you do business with?

Yelp insurance agent
Mail Chimp

Content is King! Long live content!

Every business needs email marketing and a social media presence to be successful online.

The hard part is what to say? Most business owner don't have time to "feed the beast" with fresh, compelling content each month. That's where we come in. We'll develop unique and compelling content for your business that will keep your customers engaged.

We'll set up your blog so it automatically posts to your social media accounts such as Facebook and Google My Business and then sends an email out to your clients. You'll use this to get customer feedback and keep a steady flow of great new reviews going online.

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